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Frequently Asked Questions

What problems do you help with?

We’ve seen many people with all kinds of different conditions. Most people come for low back pain, sciaticas, neck pain, headaches, difficulties to move their neck, jaw problems, vertebral disc hernias, focal dystonia, pain in the arms, legs, hands…

Thanks to chiropractic many people have gotten rid other pain, live a normal life now and have avoided operations.

How do you help people?
With adjustments to the spine and articulations, we go straight to the cause of the problem. A lack of movement in the vertebras and articulations affect the nerves and causes pain. So we give back movement to the articulations and this can be done with our hands or a special machine. It’s a very effective treatment without medications or surgery. Lots of studies prove it. 

What does Michael Jordan say about Chiropractic?!

“I didn’t know how much I could improve until I started seeing a chiropractor. Since I’ve been in chiropractic, I’ve improved by leaps and bounds both mentally and physically.”

How can Chiropractic boost performance naturally?
An imbalanced body uses more energy and does not function correctly.  By making sure the body is properly balanced, the movements and breathing are correct, we help the body be more endurant, more precise, faster and stronger.

How will the first visit take place?

First we want to understand who you are. So we  will ask you questions about your complaint and history, to see if we can help you. 

If we believe we can, we will do a full postural and chiropractic exam.  

After explaining the results to you, we will than propose a plan to help you get better. 

If for any reason we believe that we can not help you we will look for an other specialist that can. 

Sometime we will ask for some extra exams, like x-rays or an mri, we will only do this if it is absolutely necessary. 

How much does a visit cost?

If we believe we can help you, we will do a full exam that costs 300PLN . The following visits cost 200PLN.

How long do I need to go?

It depends. We are all unique beings so if we believe we can help you we will do a full exam. Then we can know how often you should come and for how long.

Do you do massages?
Not at all, it’s completely different. Massages are superficial work on the muscles. Adjustments give back movement to the spine and articulations. They are more deep, more specific and the effect lasts longer. 

“But my problem is muscular!”
Where’s the cause? Nerves control the muscles. If the nerves don’t function properly, the muscles don’t work normally and can then hurt. Going to the articulations and spine we got to the cause of the problem. 

Does it hurt?
No. Most people feel much better after an adjustment

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is the 1st Manual Medicine and the 3rd Health Profession in the World, after Medicine and Dentistry. We’ve been around for more than 100 years, but are roots go all the way back to Ancient Egypt and Greece. They would already do manipulations on people. Chiropractic is just the evolution of that and we’ve been able to survive thanks to a big emphasis on the scientific aspect of our work and a high standard of education.

What education to chiropractors have?

Our Education is normalised at an International Level, and an independent organisation makes sure all schools are up to standard.In my school in Paris we had 5500 hours of theoretical and practical classes. And 15 months of a clinical internship where we were supervised by experimented professionals.

In Denmark and Switzerland, Medical students and Chiropractic students spend the first 3 years studying together, after that each one specializes in their own domain.

How is Chiropractic in Poland?

In Poland, there is no law protecting the use of the term chiropractor, so many people are calling themselves chiropractors but by international standards they are not considered chiropractors. Today, there are only 8 chiropractors, by international standards, practicing in Poland. 

Is Chiropractic safe?

Yes it is. Governmental research studies have proved that chiropractic is very safe. In many cases it helps avoid the use of medications and having to get surgery.

Which famous musicians see a chiropractor?

Madonna has her personal chiropractor come on tour with her. 
One of the greatest rock bands, The Eagles, asks for chiropractic help. 
Paul Simon and Bob Dylan and many more :)

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