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Health Adventure

Starter Kit

Figure out where to go with Your Life.

At the beginning of 2016, I decided to make 1 video a week for 3 months, to put in drawings how I have gotten to where I am today. This could help you on your own adventure.

To have an adventure we need a mission

It is one of the first aspects to look for.
Figuring out our mission, we can plan our objectives

Take some time for Your Self

Figure out where you want to go

And figure out how to get there

What do you want to achieve in Life?

Have a notebook on you
Write down your ideas when they come
Use your gut reaction as a filter

Our life is more than a Marathon it's an Ultra Marathon.

Learn to take a break
Recharge your batteries

We are players in this game called Life.

Most rules we can decide ourself.
How do we want to live Our Life?

Playing the game of Life is demanding.

Demanding physically, chemically and mentally
Improve your health capacity to take your projects to the limit!

The Game of Life is made of highs and lows

A low is not a fatality
It's actually a gift!
A reason to improve ourselves

It's time for another break!

Come play the Health Game.

It's an opportunity for us to become Empowered
With help from Health care providers we can understand our unique point of view.

Our Natural Systems are sacred.

By putting them above all else.
Especially man designed systems.
We can overcome many of the global issues we are facing.
Which will help us thrive as a species, save the planet as we know it and maybe explore new ones!

Musicians you have superpowers

Please use them to wake us up.
Wake us up to all the solutions that surround us.
We have all that is needed to face these global issues.
It's up to us to make it happen.
Turn us on to it!

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