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What is Chiropractic?

Good question, I hear it quite often :)

Chiropractic helps get rid of pain and boost performance naturally. We do this by restoring the proper function to the body.

Here’s a 4min video that will explain to you how this works. 

Chiropractic is the 1st Manual Medicine and the 3rd Health Profession in the World, after Medicine and Dentistry. 

We’ve been around for more than 100 years, but are roots go all the way back to Ancient Egypt and Greece. They would already do manipulations on people. Chiropractic is just the evolution of that and we’ve been able to survive thanks to a big emphasis on the scientific aspect of our work and a high standard of education.

Our Education is normalized at an International Level, and an independent organization makes sure all schools are up to standard. In my school in Paris we had 5500 hours of theoretical and practical classes. And 15 months of a clinical internship where we were supervised by experimented professionals.

In Denmark and Switzerland, Medical students and Chiropractic students spend the first 3 years studying together, after that each one specializes in their own domain.

"There are a lot of myths about chiropractic care…I decided to look into each of these myth, and what I found is that chiropractic education, side by side, is more simlar to medical education that it is dissimilar" 
Jack Zingler MD, Orthopedic Spine Surgeon

More and more research is proving that what we do works to help get rid of pain. It can also help have better performances, that’s why most high level athletes and musicians have their personal chiropractor. 

Chiropractic looks at the body as a whole. 

What do we look at?

We look at the balance of the body, make sure our eyes and our shoulders are parallel to the ground, that our spinal curves are in the right position. Because that gives us an overall aspect of the patient’s body. We also look at the breathing. How a person breathes is going to influence how the person moves. And this can be considered the building blocks of our movements. Movements of our arms and of our legs. 

So why are these aspects important?

All the information coming from the balance, the breathing and from our movements goes to our central nervous system. Which is our brain and spinal cord. So we have this information going to the brain and we have the brain controling what is going on in the body.

It works like a loop. 

All the information the brain receives is stored within it. It functions like a computer with an operating system with applications within it.  We can consider that each movement is 1 application. So bringing your arm up is 1 application, where the neurological pattern is stored. 

When we were born everything was functionning great. 70% of us were born “normal” and we developped normally. But with our everyday lives we altered the functionning. With our traumas, for example, when we start to ride a bike what happens? we fall :) I remember when I fell, my knees were all bloody! Our body remembers those traumas.

Repetitive movements. A musician for example is going to spend hours and hours doing the same movements all the time. So the body is going to remember that. It can also be the case for somebody who drives all the time. A taxi driver is always in the same position, always doing the same movements, pushing the accelerator, changing gears. Tha body remembers those movements.

We also have bad postures. In our occidental countries we are used to sitting on chairs, sitting at the computer. Usually this will cause our head to go forward, when this happens it causes a lot of tension in the neck, in the shoulders and the lower back. 

So what all these traumas, these repetitives movements and these bad postures do, is create bugs! Like an informatic bug that goes inside our operating system and is going to mess with the applications. With time these bugs become more and more engrained into the applications. 

At first what happens is that we will have a diminishing of our normal skills. We aren’t going to be able to move as fast. Move as long. We won’t be as precise as before.

Little by little the movements are going to become uncomfortable. It’s going to get harder to do certain movements. If we still don’t do anything we are usually going to have pain. Once in a while, we can live with it, It goes away. But the pain usually comes back! When it comes back it becomes more and more frequent and more and more painful. We usually live with it until we can’t do the things that we love. We can’t play music. We can’t make love to our partner. We can’t work. Stuff that are very important to us. That’s the degeneration.

And what can we feel?

We can feel headaches, tennis elbow, sciaticas, pins and needles, pain in our neck, in our legs, in our hands, carpal tunnel, tendinitis…

All these are consequences of the underlying cause.

The cause is a lack of good mobility within the body. There’s an imbalance in the body, our breathing isn’t right, we don’t have the correct movement patterns. All this is because of the bad postures, the traumas and the repetitive movements.

So what can we do?
A lot of people take a pill. 
What does a painkiller do?
It kills the pain. Nothing more. It does not go to the cause of the problem. 

It’s as if we have a fire in our home. The alarm goes off and what do we do?
Do we want to put water on the fire or do we want to cut the alarm? 

I prefer putting water on the fire! :)
That way we can stop the fire.
But when we are taking painkillers, what we are actually doing is just cutting the cable. Turning the alarm off. The problem is still there but we don’t have the information telling us “Be aware! Be careful! You have to stop the cause of the problem!”

This is where chiropractic comes into play. We go to the core of the problem. We want to turn off the fire. Put water on the fire. 

So what do we do?

With manual treatments, some simple exercises, stretches and good habits we are able to get rid of the pain.

That’s what we want to do first. It’s the most important for everybody. We want to get rid of that pain and afterwards we want to correct the problem.

Unfortunately there are some patients that come, they get rid of their pain and they are out of the office. I can understand that but it makes me kind of sad because I know there is so much more to what I can give these people. Usually they come back with pain again, after a few months, a few years, it depends. 

What can we do after we get rid of the pain?

We can correct the problem.

Correct the balance. Correct the breathing and we are going to correct the movement. By doing that our body is going to function better. It’s going to function at it’s best. At it’s optimal performance.

So depending on what you like to do in life. If you’re a professional musician and you want to rock the party, that I can help you do. If you are an athlete and you want to augment your performances, to push the limits (Ultra runners are showing us how incredible the body is) we can work together to make that happen.

Or if you are just a regular mom that has to take care of 3 kids. Go from 1 place to an other, all over town. That’s a full time job and that has stress as well.

For most people we can help. We adapt our treatments. It’s personalized, Be Spoke, made-to-measure treatment for every person.

So that is Chiropractic in a nut shell. 

The nervous system controls the whole body. The body gives information to the nervous system. If there is an interference it’s not going to work well. With time it will cause pain.

We go to the cause of the problem. Make sure you have the right balance, good breathing and good movement. That way the body goes back to it’s natural state and recuperates by itself.

Yeah come on over and make an appointment. This is the place to be. And make sure to tell your friends too :D

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