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You are capable of more than you think

You're feeling tired, over-whelmed and a little lost right now. Yep. We are all going through this together. Exceptional times we are living through. A curse and a blessing.

These are times when we can grow habits that will help us achieve peak performance consistently for the rest of our lives.

Here's the thing, the habits that help us perform better are also the ones that can help us heal fully and expand our consciousness.

You already have the keys to this within you.

Watch the video to have an idea of the science behind the 4 hour experience. 


Graceful cold. Enough to feel uncomfortable. The challenge is what makes you grow. No need to put too much strain on yourself. Just enough to build some extra resilience. Grow your cardiovascular and immune system. Grow your knowledge of who you really are.


Breathing can trigger deep healing mechanisms within. It simply takes a deep breath in and letting go. With power breathing you trigger some deep reboots of the nervous system. Our mind and body get back to baseline.


To get all the benefits of the cold and breath. Believe in yourself, do the grind and know where you want to go. Without that you can spend a life time on the hamster wheel. Laser focus is what it takes to explore your mind-body and eventually master your health and performance. 

When: Saturday 11 December 9AM-1PM

Where: Nowy Miasto, Warszawa (full details when you sign up)

Price: 500PLN

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