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You're also a Skribe?!

Yes! A person that uses both his logical and creative brains to take visual notes.

Today, we face an overload of information with high levels of complexity. 
So I believe it’s the best way to record, learn and communicate ideas.
I started out with mind mapping, over 15 years ago, which evolved into my own style.
A mix of sketches, calligraffiti and mind maps. 
With 2 Cognitive Scientists we did a talk at l’École Normale Supérieure. 
Have a look
(Turn on the English subtitles by clicking on the CC logo in the bottom right corner) 
What is l'Ecole Normale Supérieure? Info here
I make skribes in person, at live events and video skribes.
Here's what people have to say about my skills. 

"This was the first time we had the pleasure of having skribe Mathieu Spencer illustrate our talks live but we hope it may not be the last. Witty and thoughtful, his mind maps of the 20+ talks generated a lot of interest and helped people break the ice and start conversations. Many thanks, Mathieu, we hope to see more of you!"
Ralph Talmont, TEDxWarsaw Curator and Team Leader

"Monsieur Spencer sait et peut parfaitement “Skriber”. A partir de mon dernier livre “Le Corps Politique" il a réussi à faire une parfaite et concise synthèse du message souhaité. Je ne peux que dire merci et bravo. Grâce au Skribe et grâce à Mathieu Spencer objectif atteint!"
Jean-Paul Pianta, Auteur et Doctor of Chiropractic 

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