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Your First Visit

How will we collaborate together?

Take 1 minute to fill this in please.

The first visit will take us between 40-60 minutes.

If you have X rays (roentgen), MRI (Rezonans Magneticzny) or other exams please bring them.

First we will ask you questions about your complaint and history, to see if we can help you.
If we believe we can, we will do a full postural and chiropractic exam. For this you will need to be in your underwear.

After explaining the results to you, we will than propose a plan to help you get better.
During the visit, we try to explain as best as possible what we are doing. But if you have any questions, please ask.

Before you come in, watch this video and we will have more time together.

First visit is 250
The following are 130.


If you have any questions, the most frequently asked are over here 

Plac Zamkowy 15/19 m3
In front of the Royal Castle and above the restaurant La Dolce Vita.

Inside the hallway, ring again at number 3 and go up to the first floor.

Plac Zamkowy
Stare Miasto

Stare Miasto

If you arrive by car, there are 3 parkings very close to Plac Zamkowy. On ul. Senatorska, ul. Podwale and under Aleja Solidarności. Here is a map to help you find them.

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