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  • Hi my name is Mathieu Spencer.

    I help people reconnect with their Inner Power, so they can fully heal and perform at their optimal level.


    I am an expert at improving the communication between the mind and the body. As a lifelong student of health and performance, I have extensively researched this question: How can tiny changes lead to major improvements in our Health and Performance?


    Chiropractic is powerful and I help my patients make these tiny shifts that change everything.


    More about me

  • Chiropractic

    Chiropractic is a holistic approach to help the body restore it’s natural balance

    Without medication or surgery.

    Using manual therapies, simple and effective exercises and different types of education it helps people get rid of their pain and improve their performance naturally.


    What are the benefits?
    Get rid of pain naturally
    Faster, more accurate and more precise movements
    Better posture and body function which helps to have better health.


    Have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions


  • Alek Baron


    Problemy z kręgosłupem to kwestia ostatnich kilku lat. Ostanie 3 lata zaowocowały w drętwienie nogi od pasa po czubek palca. Drętwienie potrafiło utrzymywać się bez chwili przeryw przez miesiące.
    Stać?Siedzieć?Leżeć?- nic nie koiło bólu. Metod próbowałem różnych- czasem pomagały- doraźnie.
    Dlatego sceptycznie podchodziłem i do tej wizyty.
    Pierwszy raz czułem się jak u prawdziwego lekarza. Ten człowiek bada, patrzy na ciało holistycznie, znajduje i usuwa przyczyny. W ciągu dziesięciu sesji mnie wyleczył. Stan zupełnie bez bólu utrzymuje się ósmy miesiąc.

    Mathieu przy tym wszystkim jest świetnym człowiekiem o bardzo dobrej energii.

    Aleksander Baron
    / kucharz


    photo: Igor Haloszka

    Anne Plaisance


    Last spring, I had sudden violent dizziness: I went from one doctor to another - they could not identify what was the problem and were sending me to additional tests without finding any solution. I finally was recommended by a friend of mine to go to Mathieu. 


    During the first session, he immediately recognized the problem I had (BPPV) and solved it right away. The dizziness disappeared totally the following morning. Then,  I continued to go to the therapeutic sessions with Mathieu, in order to feel better and be sure that the dizziness would not come back. He taught me better ways to move, to get up, to relax when I'm tired, some simple exercises to do by myself at home or at my atelier -  in order to have a better control and harmony of my body, and not to overwhelm it. 


    I was surprised to feel like being "tuned" like a music instrument by him - he always knew where there were some tensions to be released - which muscles were overused, which ones had to be re-harmonised with the entire body, allowing me then to have a more precise gestures, as well as more power to paint even longer and better, because of the right posture and the higher consciousness of my body. 


    Merci Mathieu :) 

    Amit Verma

    Dr. Mathieu is a magic worker!

    I recently moved from New York and I had multiple chiropractors in NY/NJ area while in the states. The last Chiropractor i had was really good; so i was highly skeptical of finding a good Chiropractor in Warsaw. My neck and back were kind of hurting again and I really needed to see one soon.

    When i started with Dr. Mathieu, i felt that he was not the average Chiropractor who makes you take x-rays and then just adjusts you..

    He knows what he is doing and I will HIGHLY recommend him for anyone who is suffering from any kind of body ailments... oh, and one last thing, my acid reflux has fixed itself from all the adjustments.

    Thank you Doc!

    Piotr Münnich


    In January 2014, I first came to see Mathieu at his office for pain in my left hand. I had already felt this in 2012 and had to stop playing for 1 and a half months. After 2-3 weeks of coming, in parallel to Isia's classes at UMFC, I had no pain at all. Since then I can't remember ever having any great pain and during the last class (April 28th) Isia noticed that my chest had opened. 


    At first you might think it's a little "weird" because ti's new in Poland and who are these people telling me to change the way I play?! Actually when you decide to come here you should decide to change your habits, not your playing. By adjusting the position of my left thumb my hand has much more stability, I also drink more water, get out of bed in a new way and bend my knees to pick up my double-bass or anything that's on the ground. 


    It can be challenging at first but the results are worth it!

    Tadeusz Müller
    Food Photographer

    For his latest project he was carrying very heavy wooden doors, add 12 hour in the kitchen and you have a good receipe for low back pain. 
    After digging through Yelp, he gave me a call and we started working the next day. It's been a few months now and Tadeusz is back in the kitchenn 12 hours a day, going to the gym and making cool pictures. 

    Sebastian Alekasandrowicz

    Mathieu prócz tego że uświadomił mi jak skomplikowanym „urządzeniem” jest ludzkie ciało i pokazał mi jak prostymi środkami zadbać o zdrowie to przede wszystkim uratował mnie przed przedwczesną zmianą zawodu muzyka . Polecam !!! Nie tylko muzykom !!!

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